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Car's being worked on, should be done this afternoon. I've lost a day moving in the process (although -- not sure I would have been moving anyway with the weather and the non-desirability of wet cardboard and all). Which means I'll definitely need a bit of help this weekend. Still, shouldn't be that bad, I've already moved the bulk of my apartment, so it's just what's left.

Been driving the rental -- things need to be done. Among other things, need to make a grocery run for tonight. Nevertheless -- Power, thy name is not Neon.

Also, found a toaster in the trunk of the Neon. No clue WTF is up with that (and fortunately, not tempted to scavange -- already got a toaster, thanks to the cousins some years back when I was doing the four week road trip and just happened to be in Atlanta for Christmas).

Next week will be better. Also, more productive.

Back to it.

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