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...Of course, work aside, this week is still gonna suck, because I've got maybe a third to a half of the stuff left in my old apartment to move, and less than a week to do it. That's not to say I've been procrastinating, since I've been steadily moving stuff, I just haven't been moving it quickly enough.

Well, today I moved two loads (including the vast majority of my kitchen, which makes me happy -- I've been eating too much pizza and crap this month), and will pretty much have to move at least two loads per day for the rest of the week. The upshot of that is I'm going to be (already am) sore as hell (especially my fingers), and between work and that, I'm going to have very little free time.

Still... Soon it'll be done. And I'll be able to cook and such. Woo. And today, I made my first chai in the new place. Woo! (You need hot water for that... A microwave makes it easy, doing it on the stove really took enough time that I didn't do it often until I got the microwave. And until today, I had no way to do either, much less a mug to put it in.)

I am still thinking of doing the housewarming ("bring your own chair") party in a couple weeks, and maybe I'll talk some people into doing some sort of low-key dinner party-ish thing Friday night or something. I've been itching to cook for a while. I've got more room in this kitchen, too (it's not that I have more actual space, but I've been organizing as I unpack, and I'm using the space much more efficiently).

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