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A Work Post

Sort of. Also an introduction.

Anyway, I've been meaning to do this for a while, but only now have I gotten around to it. But -- what's this "this" I speak of? Well, that would be adding LJ syndicated accounts for three RSS feeds off of various blogs elsewhere, cuz they're not quite cool enough to have LJ accounts. :-P

The first is for one Yue Xi, who was a friend of mine (and co-worker at the Shell Research Center -- later Shell Technology Center when "Research" got to be a dirty word in the oil industry) when I was living in Houston and still going to school at Rice. Over the years we kinda fell out of touch, fell back in touch when both of us ended up in Colorado (her because she came from here, me just because I like Colorado, although I didn't arrive in Denver until some years later), and stayed in intermittent contact when I moved to Denver.

And, of course, it's a good thing I kept in touch, because the second is for one Charlie Savage, who is married to Yue, and is now my boss. If I hadn't known Yue, I never would have met Charlie, and I'd probably still be working at USA.NET. Which wouldn't have entirely been a bad thing, but this is certainly better.

The third person is one Donald Marino, who is currently the other third of MapBuzz, the company I work for, and currently the coolest company on the planet with the coolest employees (yeah, the boss is cool, too :), and hopefully the site that will soon take the world by storm. Or at least make enough money to keep us employed. :)

But, on the topic of work, I have to say I've been enjoying it quite a bit, and it's really starting to feel real, which it sorta didn't at first. One part of that is that everything's starting to come together, and actually having a working site feels a tad bit more real than tiny pieces of one, and the other is the fact that we're getting hosting together -- yesterday we went touring a place called Data393, and next week we'll be setting up our (first?) server there. It's a really nice facility, and they have their shit together (and having worked for places that didn't, the difference is fairly obvious -- ironically, the engineer who we talked to yesterday was someone who I worked with at one of the places I think of specifically when I think of places that didn't, and that's FirstWorld Communications. He recognized me, actually, although I didn't recognize him -- we were in different groups, after all, and that was a time of constant change -- although during the time we were talking to him, he strongly reminded me of somebody I went to college with, so maybe my subconscious did recognize him but couldn't place him or something).

And anyway, that's work.

I suppose I could talk about what I'm doing specifically, but it's not really all that interesting, honestly, even if I enjoy it. Suffice to say, web/database programming. Really, Charlie's doing the coolest bits, but y'all will have to wait until we go live to see what I'm talking about.

Oh, and a new icon.

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