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Pants, Or Actually, Other Things

I now have my bed, my dresser, and my workin' table in the new place.

And man, it was nice to sleep in my bed again. Ah, luxury. Although I did have to move it from where I put it yesterday, since the overload of morning sunshine from the window next to my head was kinda a bit much. Of course, I also put it in the smaller bedroom, so it's pretty much taking up the whole room, and options for moving it were limited, but it turns out that the place I originally wanted to put it actually does clear the door, so it's actually better this way.

As if any of y'all cared.

But the workin' table ought to be good for the neck, back, or whatever body parts eventually rebel when you're using a laptop on the floor all the time. Although the rest of me is sore from all the moving. Which isn't unusual for this month, given that I've been moving for several weeks now.

I was kinda hoping to do a dinner-party-ish sorta thing tonight, maybe invite a few people, and then poison them with my cooking, but I haven't managed to move the kitchen yet (only parts of it), so that plan kinda went out the window (I could have moved it today, but besides being sore I'm tired of moving, and don't feel like carrying crap up my stairs three days in a row). So, maybe next week.

And some point here, I need to put up the travel post, too. Okay, on to the next rock.

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