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Kinda weird, this MAC address-based authorization (not to be confused with MacIntosh), but there it is. I've now done my network voodoo (spoof my wireless router, spoof!), and the wireless router is up and running (and pretending to be a Dell laptop), and now I type to you from my new place on my new Comcast broadband. Woo.

Would have been nice to use my wireless router's MAC address, I suppose, but that's why they make them that way. If I'd be doing it all again, I now know how to avoid installing (and then uninstalling) that annoying comcast software. The installer (nice guy) wasn't really high expert on the internet side (can't blame him, he was all over the normal stuff -- maybe even knows XP networking better than me -- but this is more advanced stuff that most people probably don't mess with or do on their own after the installer leaves).

Of course, I now have one of those Motorola-made Comcast DVRs (60 hours of fun, HD capable!) which I will probably more or less ignore for the next few days.

Mmmm... Delicious television. I only missed tiny bits of you, but I did miss them. Poor iTunes won't be selling me any more TV shows.
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