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Been a long day -- had trouble sleeping last night in the new place (the air mattress isn't uncomfortable, but it's not my bed, and combined with the fact that you never sleep as well in a strange place...) So, I only got maybe three hours of sleep last night before having to wake up for a meeting (and Mondays are always more painful after the evil that is Daylight Savings Time).

But... Moved some stuff (in part to be ready for the comcast person on the morrow), went shopping and picked up a wireless router. Also a chair. Also looked at some games (Shadow of the Colossus for the PS2, Rome: Total War and Battle for Middle Earth II for the PC -- all of which have gotten positive buzz in various places), but didn't buy anything. And really, wasn't even tempted, which I guess means I really was tired.

Tried to take a nap, too, but it didn't really take. Ah, well, hopefully I'll have the bed moved soon, maybe this weekend (as I need to find somebody with a truck/SUV to help me move it. That, the dresser and one table won't fit in my car -- everything else I'll be moving on my own).

So, bleh.

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