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I Guess I'm Not A College Student Anymore...

...Because I can't imagine that I would ever have spent over $30 on a bottle of wine when I was in college.

Well, maybe I would have. $30 isn't a huge amount of money; it's certainly possible to spend a lot more than that. What is more certain is that I wouldn't have gotten two such bottles (both bottles of pinot noir, for the record. From different vineyards).

I suppose those bottles are going to get saved for a special occasion; I'm thinking I might open one this weekend for my birthday, but only if there's someone around to share it with who might appreciate it. I'm not going to drink a $30+ bottle of wine alone -- I can drink one of the cheaper wines if all I wanted to do was kill a bottle. I suppose I'd think about throwing a very small party or something if my apartment didn't suck; having no furniture (and, well, a huge pile of crap I need to EBay or something taking up half of the "public" space) isn't conducive to hosting much of anything.

Hrm. Have to think on that.

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