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Almost Not Sick.

Enough not sick, in fact, that the thought of doing something social isn't totally inconceivable (in fact, tomorrow is BSG watching night at Wil's). So, now I'm back to being bored, and in two or three days, maybe completely not sick. It's been a long two weeks.

But I'm feeling a bit depressed -- well, not really depressed (I've been depressed, this ain't it), but blue and aimless. Bored. They go together, you know. Because being sick is depressing, although when you're really sick, you're kinda too busy to be depressed. But when it's a cold, you've got a bit of time to think about how it's going to take forever to go away, which is probably the next worst thing to knowing that it never will (and almost as depressing as politics. Especially recent politics).

But anyway, my birthday is sneaking up on me here. Soon I'll be old. I should go pick out a cane, maybe. And soon after that, I'll be dead. And that's all so depressing. Feh.
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