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So... Due to not being able to sleep, I spend a few hours (off and on) last night watching the new (Kitano Takeshi) Zatoichi film.

You know, it's kind of a surreal and creepy film, really. I have to say I much prefer the original (Katsu Shintaro) Zatoichi films -- or at least the seven I've seen. For the new version - the whole dance-number thing was strange (although faintly entertaining, I suppose), the brother-sister thing was odd, but mostly Kitano was just kinda off in the headline role -- creepy, even. And blond? WTF?

Katsu, in the original films, was far, far more engaging. Sure, they were pretty much bubble-gum samurai films, but they were fun. Kitano was obviously going for something else (although what he was going for is kinda hard to figure out, exactly, and whatever it is, it didn't work for me -- especially the blond thing).

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