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Well, for the second time in as many weeks, I seem to be experiencing something suspiciously like acid reflux, both times immediately after eating flaming hot Thai curries. It seems that I can't eat the super spicy food I love any more and (even nominally) get away with it. This bums me out greatly -- I suppose I'll talk to my doc about it next week (when I was already going in for a checkup anyway). And probably do a little research tomorrow when I'm awake.

I wish I had something emulsifying available right now, but I don't (it was a help last time). It's about time to go grocery shopping again, which means the supply of milk from the last trip is long gone; it occurs to me that I should have picked something up from the grocery store on the way home or something, but I didn't, because it was late and I'm tired (I also need superglue for a key whose plastic, er, hole, um, holder broke, so it won't stay on a keychain. Plus, maybe a chair. For the "desk" here. I broke my old one a couple weeks back, and the observing chair is not only not ideal for such a use, I'd more or less been planning on finding it a good home. But anyway).

Not all is bad news, however. I hung out tonight with various friends today. Everyone was entertained, I think, including me (and, well, despite the after-effects, there was yummy Thai curry, plus Tom Kha Gai). Also, a friend informed me that he was getting married, which is very cool. I'm not going to say who, since he's planning to tell everyone in person (or at worst via phone if it's not possible to visit them over the next couple of months), and I'm not going to let the news slip so as to spoil his preferred method of information delivery (nor even say whether he told me in person or via phone), but regardless, it's good news. I will say that I doubt that this journal would expose him, but I'm playing it safe nonetheless.

Also, I have pants.

That is all.

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