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Nonspecific Update

Nothing particularly interesting going on.

Working reasonably hard, but I don't feel very productive (well, except for Tuesday. Didn't really get much done on Tuesday for various reasons). Work is very much a moving target, with things that were "done" needing to be redone, and refined, and well, nothing ever seems to be actually finished. It can be frustrating, and this week's been particularly bad that way, as I wanted to be much farther along on the stuff I've been working on. Ah, well.

Otherwise, just tired right now. And kinda bored, since I'm too tired to do anything productive, but not tired enough to actually crash yet.

I suppose I have the blahs. Blah.

I guess I need to get a little more social -- I did have a blast on Tuesday at (or mostly after) 会話 (kaiwa). Spent too much time talking about stuff a little too inspired by 電車男 (Desha Otoko). "Gets!", Hard Gay, and the terror that is 萌え (moe). こわいー!

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