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Another Day, Another Meme

This one via John Scalzi.

Pick the top ten "most often played" songs in iTunes (or your player of choice, if it has a playcount), omitting artists that appear more than once.

So, mine -- I've only been listening in iTunes for a couple months since I got the PowerBook, and I never listen to anything but party shuffle, pretty much, so anything on this list came off some playlist or another (i.e., the playlist I keep active with new stuff to burn for the car -- 695MB or so -- all my 3-star songs or above, etc.), and there are a LOT of ties. But, that said, my list doesn't surprise me much (I rated my J-Pop first, so it has a slight edge. Over time, I imagine it'll recede a bit). Also, only three songs on this list would even be candidates for a top-ten list (much less be on one, if I was insane enough to try to pick just ten).

1. Day After Tomorrow - Otome No Mama De Ita Ano Koru

2. Do As Infinity - Honjitsu Wa Seiten Nari

3. Hellsing - Soul Rescuer

4. ELO - Here Is The News

5. Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Stamina Rose

6. RTZ - Face The Music

7. Tommy February6 - Koi Wa Me Ratai

8. Tomoyasu Hotei - Battle Without Honor Or Humanity

9. Yellow Monkey - Love Love Show

10. Yoko Kanno - Good By My Master

All of these have a play count of nine (as do two repeats of Do As Infinity, one song of which is much better than the one listed). Another eighteen songs were played eight times. The play count for the top hundred only drops to six -- and the JPop precentage already drops radically by the time you drop to seven.

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