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Do not be misled by the last couple of entries -- yes, there have been issues, but good things have also been occuring. In particular is one I was holding off on talking about until everything was worked out.

That particular good thing (of course) is job related.

I gave notice at USA.NET yesterday, so in two weeks, I will no longer being doing shift work (not that I really minded shift work, once you get past the fact that I physically couldn't handle overnights. Well, and the fact that neighbors weren't helping. But it did have its advantages). Of course, as some of you may or may not know, I was also doing part time work doing web development. This was good financially, but as you can imagine, it put a lot of stress on time.

Well, I was offered mo' money to go full-time on the web work. It's for a small startup (small meaning that there's two of us doing all the technical work), and the work is fairly exciting (to me anyway). There were, of course, a number of disadvantages doing this -- one, it's less money overall than I was making working both jobs (although it's still significantly more than either one was along). It's for a startup, so the job could dry up at some point should the funding run out (although certainly not immediately with the worst-case scenario I've been given). But the advantages are pretty strong -- one, the stress on my time will ease considerably, and with the flexible hours and such, I'll be able to make 会話/Kaiwa and practice Japanese and generally be social. And, as is always the case with a startup, the upside could be quite substantial -- not to mention that I'll be making enough that between what I already have in the bank and what I can save, I'll have several months (one might even hope six or more) of savings in the bank should the job go away.

All in all, a good opportunity.

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