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Noisy Fuck Neighbors

I've mentioned them on occasion in the past, I think, but today's sequence of events:

Come home. Ridiculous amounts of noise coming from upstairs. I can pretty much hear what people are saying on commercials and such.

I pound on ceiling.

Neighbor pounds on floor. Pretty clear how this is going.

I'm fed up. They're fucking noisy all the time, and I'm tired of dealing with it. I call the apartment complex.

They send maintenance guy, who knocks on door. TV gets turned down (some, enough probably to let me sleep if I wasn't otherwise wound up). Neighbor screams "fuck you" through the floor.

It's obviously quite personal at this point. I figure they'll probably make more noise because of this, perhaps even get confrontational. I won't be surprised if car keying occurs.

Which makes me wonder how I should proceed. I think at the very least I'll go pay a visit to the apartment complex and talk to them about it.

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