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Nuke 'Em Til They Glow

So, I broke down and bought a microwave. Because, well, despite the fact that I may well be getting rid of it in a few months, right now I can afford the $75 or so it takes to get a moderately decent one. And, well, it will make my life a lot easier, and maybe even healthier.

Because I've decided to go on a full-blown diet. Not a particularly strict one (frex, I'm not going to bother counting calories when doing anything social -- I don't have enough of a social life where that would matter these days), but I'm planning on keeping the freezer full of those god-awful low calorie frozen dinners and a supply of those 100-calorie snacks around. As long as I'm eating crap, I might as well eat low-calorie crap, and these days, I can afford the extra expense (the thing about unhealthy food -- fast food -- is that it's cheap. And easy. Eating healthy isn't really either of those, and especially not both).

Also, I need more exercise (or, really, any). So, I'm intending to start hiking up Green Mountain in the mornings after work again. Did pretty well at that for a while last year, but I've completely fallen out of the habit. As usual, I blame work, and not enough sleep, and funky schedules, and all that crap. Which is all well and good, but I can certainly do better than I have.

I suppose you can consider these resolutions of a sort.

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