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Hiya, Herm

Well, the big news is that the Chiefs just brought in Herm Edwards as head coach to replace Dick Vermeil (who is retiring). While I'm sad to Vermeil go (I think he's a great coach), of all the people available to replace him, Edwards is a pretty good choice. He's no Belicheck or Dungy, but damn few coaches are.

Of course, this isn't exactly a surprise -- rumors about this happening have been going around for months. Of course, a lot of people have been criticizing Edwards lately (not so much for his coaching, so much as the way this went down). But I'm still happy to have him.

Also... It seems possible we'll lose Al Saunders in the process. Besides interviewing for several starting jobs around the league (including Kansas City), being passed over for the starting job in Kansas City probably isn't the sort of thing that gives you the warm fuzzies. But... All things considered, I'd rather have a proven head coach than an unproven coodinator (as good as his offenses have been in KC the last few years... Gunther's a hell of a defensive coach, too, but didn't make the transition to head coach well. I don't know how we got him back, but I'm glad we did -- I hope Herm lets him do his thing, because besides philosophically liking an attacking defense, he's made it work).

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