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Can't Sleep. Clown Will Eat Me.

Man, I was really, really tired today. Adjusting back to nights is sucking majorly.

But anyway, I picked up a copy of NCAA Football 2006 the other day (uh, I guess that would be yesterday, when I also got Katamari, although I haven't actually played that, nor is it likely that I'll find much time for it soon).

Unfortunately, I've only had time to play a couple of games, and I won't have time to play much more for the foreseeable future, but of course I immediately started playing "dynasty" mode as Rice. And you know what? True to life, Rice really, really sucks, just like they did this year (a 1-10 record leading to Hatfield's resignation, as I recall). But it's really fun to play a true option offense, something you just can't do in Madden (and probably wouldn't be able to pull off in the pros anyway).

But man, despite lining up patsies in the vain hope of putting together a winning season -- I got crushed 52-24 by Temple (Owls vs. Owls, heh, heh, get it?), a team that went 0-11 in real life. Only with an option offense can you pile up over 400 yards rushing... And still get destroyed (not having any defense whatsoever helps with that, of course).

Giving Rice's program the lowest possible rating for program prestige makes perfect sense to me (it might have edged a point higher a decade ago when they managed a winning season or two) -- but rating Rice as only five out of six stars for academics? WTF?

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