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Hardware Neep

Thinking of getting another 80GB USB drive. Backing up both laptops (each with their own 80GB drive) is, ah, straining the current 80GB drive's capacity.

Probably going to get another GB of memory for the Dell. It's struggling as a database development box with only 512MB of memory right now. Unfortunately, it's already got two 256MB DIMMS, so if I just got another 512MB of memory, it would then only have 768MB, which probably isn't worth the cost -- might as well go to 1.25GB total (since it only costs about twice as much to add 150% as it does to add 50%). Anybody need a 256MB DIMM for their Dell laptop? No? Yeah, I suppose you'd have to have a pretty pathetic configuration for that to do much good.

Okay, maybe "probably" was a poor choice of words -- I just finished ordering them.

Along those lines, thinking of upgrading the PowerBook to 1GB as well. Especially if I get Lightwave -- maybe next month.

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