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So... Now that I'm using iTunes, there's that podcast folder thingy, and I'm thinking I need some podcasts. So, what podcasts should I get?

I was talking with Steve, and he gave me several suggestions (although I closed the window accidentally, and don't have logging here at work -- I think I remember all the ones you told me, but if you could mail me the IM log, that'd be nice -- or you could post them here for the general audience, along with any other suggestions you might have). Anyway, podcasts I'm looking for...

Right. Podcasts. First off, I'm looking for Escape Pod. But I already found it, so I'm good there. Next, anything related to languages would be good, especially Japanese (or Japan in general). Other languages I probably won't listen to that much right away, but it'd be nice to collect them for later when they'd be more useful. Beyond that, anything particularly entertaining or astoundingly good or whatever. I'll probably go browsing for some on my own as well, of course. Anybody here besides Steve do the podcast thing and have any suggestions?

I figure I'll actually listen to maybe 10% of anything I subscribe to, of course, as podcasts don't exactly fit in my iLife (ahem) very well, but you know, I've got all that extra HD space to fill...
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