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Back In Denver

Flight back was uneventful. Just little delays that added up to being over a half-hour late. Then again, I've never actually encountered this mythical "on-time" flight (that I can recall) anyway.

Some things have changed since I was in Houston, some things haven't.

Made Kahn's Deli, Rudi Lechner's, Morningside Thai, and a token Jack in the Box. Oh, and Dim Sum of some variety. Missed Droubi's (well, that one's a long story) and Lai Lai's. Did well on the food front, methinks. Possibly too well.

Played games, saw people, was fun.

Did not catch an Aeros game (they were on a road trip), nor grab a jersey with the new logo on it. May get one anyway.

Very tired, did not sleep that well while I was there.

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