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Various Things (On The Road)

So, here I am in DIA, with at least a half-hour to kill (well, more now, my flight's been delayed). So, consider this a test of Xjournal offline, as well as a general entry.

As I'm on the PowerBook here, I suppose now is as good a time as any to talk about my impressions so far (having used it for a little more than a week now).

Got a bag and a bluetooth mouse -- I actually like the USB mouse I used before better, but it's okay now that I'm getting used to it. And it saves one of the two USB ports for an iPod, thumb drive, external USB HD or whatever (I have one of each of those). The bag is actually seeing its first use this weekend -- I'm only carrying the powerbook to Houston with me, the last week or so I've been carrying around both laptops in the bag I have for the 17" Dell. As for what kind of bag it is -- well, they didn't have the super-cheap ($25) Targus bags at Micro Center when I went shopping, so I got the $49 bag instead. It's a fairly nice bag -- I'm happy with it.

Got the carbonized version of emacs, which is pretty slick. And already has the ruby mode installed, which is more than I can say about the last few installations of Emacs I've used (two Linux, one Windows). It's actually really nice, the only complaint about it I have is the fact that I can't get it to do reverse video (a flaw it seems to share with the Windows version). Well, and the icon, which is pretty crappy.

Adium is very nice (or at least seems to be, what little I've used it so far). It is (of course) exactly what I was looking for. I do already like it better than Trillian, which doesn't take much -- Trillian does exactly what I want (and does it better than GAIM), but other than that, it faintly sucks.

Tensai is okay as far as it goes -- it works fine looking up the English meaning of Japanese words, but it kinda sucks trying to find Japanese words from the English. Of course, that's also been true of every other Japanese computer dictionary I've used to one extent or another, but I think I'll be continuing to search for something a little more comprehensive (also, something that uses EDICT and ENAMDICT, as I do like those dictionaries quite a bit). I've been thinking of maybe trying to get GTK to work and to try using GJiten (which I use under Linux), but I'm not sure that would be worth the effort (GJiten is nice -- but also rather unstable).

Grabbed a couple of LJ clients, and obviously settled on Xjournal here, after checking out the online communities for them, etc. Xjournal just seemed to be a little better supported, although I suspect iJournal would have been fine, too. We'll see how it goes.

Also grabbed a lot of other open source stuff (scribus, vlc, mplayer, postgresQL, inkscape, blender, azureus), but haven't messed with any of them yet, and probably won't until I have some use for them. Which I suppose means that some of those install packages may sit on my hard drive forever unused.

And finally, the fun you can have repeatedly select expose and dashboard by selecting the corners of your screen should probably be illegal.

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