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The One Advantage...

...Of having the noisy fuckers in the apartment upstairs is listening to them wail and gnash teeth (and, well, beat the shit out of the floor in frustration) when the Chiefs beat their beloved Broncos.

We've got a season on. I've been thinking for some time that the games leading up to this stretch were all practice... If the Chiefs can make a late season run here, with the Pats, Broncos, Cowboys, Giants, Chargers, and Bengals on the menu (with not one of those teams below 7-5)... Well, they could make a real run in the playoffs. The sportswriters looked at this stretch and said "no way they're making the playoffs" -- I look at this stretch and say "if they don't do well here, they wouldn't do well in the playoffs anyway." The good news is most of these games are at home, and the Chiefs are solid at home in December. Of course, I'm of the opinion that the two key games in that stretch are the Broncos and Chargers. Well, one down, one to go.

8-4 isn't bad. 10-6 might not get them into the playoffs... But I think 11-5 will, and I think they can do it. And if they don't... Well, then they weren't good enough to go far in the playoffs anyway -- just making the playoffs is a low standard, I think.

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