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An extraordinarily annoying couple of days at work. Fortunately, only tomorrow left (and Saturdays are almost invariably quiet, and when they're not, it's system stuff and not annoying customers and/or customer service people and/or people who might be reading this entry). And next week, two days (taking Tuesday off -- whee, I can go to 会話 -- and Friday and Saturday I'll be in Houston).

And, of course, it was a mess driving home. Not too dangerous yet, just messy. It would have sucked if I'd been going home a couple of hours later, though.

Haven't had time to play with the Mac much. Want to, but other things have higher priority. At some point, though, I imagine I'll be moving a lot of my other work onto this box, because I'm starting to think it will make a very good development box. I just wish it had more resolution -- this 1024x768 thing kinda sucks, and makes it feel like a toy. It's the only major complaint I have, though, and knew that going in. C'est la vie.

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