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PowerBooks, Revisited

So, I spent a little time today (between reading technical manuals at home and reading technical manuals at the coffeehouse) at one of the Apple stores.

First off... The design of their storefront totally sucks. Every other store in the (basically glorified strip-)mall has the name or something over their door -- not Apple, they just have the two apple logos next to it. I've been there three times, I know they don't have a sign, I know right about where the store is, but parking is a total pain because it still takes forever to visually ID the place, so I have to bloody park, spend twenty seconds trying to find it, then go park someplace closer because I was way off. Bad design. Bad Apple. If there are ever any accidental collisions in that parking lot, I'm laying the blame squarely at your feet.

Anyway, I've come to the following conclusions... The screen on the 12" isn't that bad, it looks really sweet with a 23" Cinema display hooked up to it, and I'm going to buy one just as soon as my bank account hits the magic number and the A9 discount kicks in. Which I figure might even be the end of this week (need to crunch the numbers to be sure, though, so it might be two weeks instead).

I did have some fun playing with it... Whoever used it after me probably thought two things... First, what are all those funky characters doing in Word, and second, how come it gives me these f*cked up characters when I type? (Yes, I was writing Japanese on the thing within thirty seconds of playing with it. MacOS X has kickass locale/language input support.) I suppose it was a little mean of me, but easy enough to fix. :)

The other thing, though, is that I'll need a bag/backpack for it. I figure my budget for that is in the $50 range (IOW, I'm looking for something decent, but not extravagant). I like the current backpack for my 17" Dell enough that I think I want a backpack, but something smaller (another one like the one for my 17" would just be way too big), but everything I've seen like that is ridiculously expensive ($179? For a padded backpack? Not even). Anybody have any ideas and/or suggestions?

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