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Dorama One More Time

Okay, finished "A Sleeping Forest" (眠れる森, Nemureru Mori).

How to describe it? I'm not quite sure -- it's sort of a murder mystery thing, but it's got a bit of horror in it... Well, it's horrifying, anyway. Suspense is probably a better description. It starts off awfully slow, but then it's got more twists in it that any given year of any given soap opera (although the red herrings tend to smell funny, there are a lot of them), and each twist is milked for everything it's worth (uh, herring milk. Yum. Okay, enough with the mashed metaphores already. Gomen). Mind you, it did surprise me a couple of times, and a couple of those surprises were pretty cool. But all of the characters have totally got issues, even the ones that aren't completely creepy. Which is an awfully high proportion of them. And a godawful number of horrible things happen (the only reasonably well-adjusted character in the whole show who doesn't have horrible secrets from their past dies -- go figure. Of course, the way the show was going, they probably did have horrible secrets, we just didn't know about them yet. Anyway). And, and, and...

But the ending? WTF? (Of course, by that point, I was thinking that maybe a giant asteroid that hits Tokyo and ends everyone's suffering might be a good idea. Just make sure it's something big enough to take out Gunma and Fukushima, too. Or maybe zombies. Zombies make everything better.)

Gah. At least the Japanese do a decent scary Santa Claus.

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