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Bad Dorama, No Donut

Halfway through "A Sleeping Forest" (眠れる森, Nemureru Mori).

Apparently, the moral of this one is that all Japanese people (well, Japanese men) are creepy and f*cked up, and this is because of the awful things that their parents did to them. Or something. It's kinda confusing. Also, kinda stupid, and way too long. I'm tired of it already. But definitely creepy, and not in a good way... Maybe "icky" would be a better word.

Oh, well, I was given this one -- it's not one I'd ever have been looking for on my own, I don't think.

Update: okay, after the next two episodes, it's gotten a bit more interesting and a little less icky. But let's just say that anytime you have a conversation like this, you know that all is not right in the (dorama) world:

"I could be a woman who would kill you --"

"That's okay with me! I don't care if you kill me!"

At least he didn't say "At least then, we'd be together." Oh, the drama. Or, rather -- oh, the creepy soap opera. All it's missing at this point is for Darth Vader to come out of a coma and say "no, I am your father!" and propose marriage or something. Sheesh.

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