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I'm working on the "proper noun" part of my dictionary for my Japanese drill tools, and besides cities, prefectures, countries and the like, I wanted to include some Japanese family names. Wikipedia has a nice list of the 21 most common names, but I was looking for more (maybe the top fifty or so). I've had no luck finding such a thing (doesn't seem to exist in English, not on the web at any rate).

Actually, any lists of names (with kanji!) will probably do, I could even include famous people's family names or something if somebody had lists of "famous" Japanese people (that might actually be more useful than the next most common names, anyway). But so far, I haven't managed to find such a thing.

Anyone have any suggestions?

[Off to start importing my city list, and then on to start integrating the JLPT lists, and then the word frequency table I have.]

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