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It's Not Chili If It Isn't Hot

So, there I am at the drive-through window at Wendy's. I'm ordering a large chili (which I do sometimes), along with other things, and they don't give me any hot sauce packets for the chili (sometimes they do, usually they don't). So, I ask for some.

The lady at the window gives me one packet.

Uh... More please.

She gives me two more.

No, no, no... Give me more.

Finally, the lady gives me a big handful (two handfuls, actually), and all is once again right in the universe. For the record, I ended up with eleven packets, which is (almost) enough for two large chilis (although the extras will more likely get used in a couple of Wendy's taco salads, which include chili as a mixin'). This is the first time I've ever asked for more, though, usually they just grab a handful and give it to you.
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